Charged leadership for a brighter future.




Charged leadership for a brighter future.

Organizational leadership consulting services that make work better – and make better work.

You know that feeling you get in your gut when you just know something is right? Or how you get the shivers when a profound truth is spoken? How about that natural high you experience when you are in the flow and connected with the highest and greatest good for all? At ION we believe that it is in those moments when we are most alive – fully charged and connected – simultaneously receptive and generative. We call it Charged Leadership, and we bring that energy into everything we do.

Leadership domains in which we can help you grow

Leading Self

Self-leadership is the critical building block for leading others, teams, organizations, partnerships and even societies.

Leading Others

Leadership happens in the social realm – meaning, between people. That’s why we believe that great leaders lead with values, not titles.

Leading Organizations

Leading organizations requires that you foster adaptation, collaboration, and compliance, while managing risk and ethics.

Leading Partnerships

We help organizations, policy makers, and institutions establish shared values that link purpose and success.

Unique process and approach

ION Leadership Consulting is an organizational development consulting firm. We are a group of independent thinkers, researchers, strategists and facilitators united in our belief that there’s a better way for consultants to work – a way that also makes your work better. We each have our own, complementary areas of passion and expertise and we work together in a way that brings you these benefits:

On-Demand Access to Experts

We assemble the right team of affiliated consultants based on the work our clients need. This ensures that you get the breadth and depth of expertise you expect from larger consulting firms, without having to pay their expensive overhead costs.

The Tools to Lead Independently

We seek to empower clients and develop organizations as we do our work so that our clients gain the capacity to do for themselves in the future.

Cutting-Edge Theory and Practice

We don’t get fixated on stale or outdated theories and practices. We constantly challenge and inspire one another so you get the benefit of our diverse and integrated practice.

Our Areas of Service and Expertise

1. Strategic Planning and Facilitation

  • Strategic and operational planning
  • Strategic alignment and execution
  • Facilitation and training

2. Shared Visioning

  • ION’s Shared Visioning Model
  • Laying the foundation for shared visioning
  • Visioning/shared visioning
  • Integrating the vision with leadership, strategy and execution

3. Leadership and Organizational Development

  • Leading self
  • Leading others and teams
  • Leading organizations
  • Leading inter-agency partnerships


4. Action Research and Change Management

  • Action research (qualitative organizational inquiry)
  • Appreciative inquiry
  • Change management planning and training
  • Systems-level engagement

5. Governing Organizations

  • Governance assessments
  • Board development
  • Strategic and operational planning
  • Policy development
  • Member relations and communications
  • Bylaw review and development
  • Board-staff roles and relations
  • Multi-agency partnership governance
  • Organizational capacity  development
  • BC Societies Act transition services

Janna demonstrates professionalism and integrity. She is passionate about what she does and puts her client at ease, making their needs the focus of her work. Janna is a true leader and visionary.


– Diane Bergeron, Past Chair, National Association of Disabled Students

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