Leadership and Organizational Development

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We can help you

  • Transform unconscious biases, habits and practices that undermine personal leadership credibility
  • Develop enterprise-wide leadership development programs that are strategically aligned with organizational culture, people, programs, processes and technology
  • Use your leadership development program as an applied tool for organizational development
  • Build trust and goodwill within your organization
  • Develop your organization’s adaptive capacity
  • Become a stronger partner and collaborator with other agencies and organizations

Leadership domains in which we can help you grow

Leading Self

Self-leadership is the critical building block for leading others, teams, organizations, partnerships, and even societies.

Leading Others/Teams

Leadership happens in the social realm – meaning, between people. That’s why we believe that great leaders lead with values, not titles.

Leading Organizations

Leading organizations requires that you foster adaptation, collaboration, and compliance, while managing risk and ethics.

Leading Partnerships

We help organizations, policy makers, and institutions establish shared values that link purpose and success.


Leading Self

The great equalizer in even the most hierarchical organizations is that we must first and foremost lead ourselves. Self-leadership is the critical foundation for leading others, teams, organizations, partnerships and societies. The challenge is that we are often overly self-critical and simultaneously unaware of the biases and habits that undermine our effectiveness.

Related Services

ION’s “Leading Self” services are a fit for those who seek a strengths-based model of leadership development.

  • Customized leadership competency frameworks
  • Personality-based assessments
  • Personal leadership assessments
“Leading Self” Education and Training Series
  • Introduction to ION’s Charged Leadership© Model
  • Giving Voice to Values and Speaking your Truth
  • Building Leadership Credibility
  • New Leadership Paradigms
  • Applied Principles of Neuroleadership
  • MBTI™ Personality Assessments
  • Values-based Leadership
  • Transformational Leadership
  • Storytelling and Leadership
  • Leading Difficult Conversations
  • Leadership and Emotional Intelligence
  • Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument Assessments

Leading Others & Teams

When you lead others and teams, titles and formal authority only get you so far. Leadership happens in relationship, so you’re only ever as good as your own credibility. That’s why we believe that great leaders anchor their actions in values, vision and purpose, not titles.

Related Services

ION’s “Leading Others and Teams” services are geared toward those who aspire to drive performance by becoming great conveners, keen listeners, and skilled facilitators of collective learning so others can live into their own potential.

  • Preventing Workplace Bullying and Harassment
  • Team building and charters
  • Performance management plans
  • Operational planning
  • Multi-stakeholder engagement
  • Collective decision-making
  • Linking team success to strategic goals
“Leading Others/Teams” Education and Training Series
  • ION’s Charged Leadership© and Teams
  • Preventing Harassment and Bullying in the Workplace and on Teams
  • Fundamentals of Building Team Credibility
  • Managing Performance through Strengths-Based Development
  • How to Facilitate Group Consultation
  • Building “Smart Trust” and Goodwill
  • Finding Shared Meaning Among Multiple Perspectives
  • Introduction to Deep Listening
  • Informed Decision Making in High Stakes Environments
  • Optimizing Collaborative Capacity in Teams
  • Leading Conversations that Matter
  • Leading “Up” the Chain of Command
  • Matrix Management Training
  • Developing Team Resilience
  • Navigating Team Conflict
  • Personality and Teams Series:
    • MBTI™ and Team Building
    • MBTI™ and Decision Making
    • MBTI™ and Emotional Intelligence
    • MBTI™ and Communication
    • Developing Personal Resilience

Leading Organizations

Not everyone who is drawn to leadership aspires to lead organizations, but for those who are (or those who find themselves doing it) it can be an incredibly challenging task. Leading organizations requires that you adeptly integrate leading yourself and others while keeping an eye on the big picture and the competitive landscape. You must maintain a strategic mindset and elevated ethical behaviour as you navigate the structural/regulatory, political, symbolic and relational dimensions of the workplace.

Related Services

ION’s “Leading Organizations” services are tailored to those who want to use leadership development as an applied tool to expand the adaptive capacity of organizations.

“Leading Organizations” Education and Training Series
  • Using ION’s Charged Leadership Model© as Applied tool for Organizational Development
  • Strategy, Strategic Planning and Operational Plans
  • Introduction to Applied Change Management Theories
  • Strategic Planning for Whole Systems Change
  • Discovering Shared Meaning in Multi-stakeholder Engagement
  • Shared Visions or Shared Delusions: The 3 Conditions for Creating Shared Visions
  • Foundations of Shared Visioning
  • Introduction to ION’s Shared Visioning© Model
  • Leadership Training for ION’s Shared Visioning© Model
  • Developing Adaptive Capacity in Organizations
  • Leading Organizational Inquiry
  • The Business Model Canvas
  • Value Proposition Development
  • Participatory Research Training
    • Introduction to Action Research and Appreciative Inquiry
    • Principles of Research Design
    • Introduction to Process Design
    • Introduction to Thematic Analysis
    • Research Reporting and Communications
    • Integrating Research and Planning

Leading Partnerships

Many the most difficult problems in our world and communities are the ones most worthy of our best efforts. The challenge is that these “opportunities in disguise” often call for multiple agencies to collaborate, coordinate and partner. It isn’t a lack of vision, smarts, or will that trip things up; it’s the lack of a proper framework to bound and ground collective action and impacts.

Related Services

ION’s services help organizations and allied agencies alike to better collaborate and partner for stronger social impacts.

  • ION’s Charged Leadership© Interagency Collaboration Framework
  • General interagency collaboration assessments and frameworks
  • Interagency policy development
  • Building trust-based partnerships
  • Social value and impact planning
  • Corporate social responsibility planning
  • Social value branding
“Leading Partnerships” Education and Training Series
  • Building Trust in Partnerships
  • Theory of Change™ Planning
  • ILC Transformative Collaboration Model©
  • Collective Impacts™ Facilitation
  • Partnership Collaborative Capacity Building

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